We see our­sel­ves as prob­lem sol­vers for chal­leng­ing tasks.

We have been serving our customers for over five decades. A constant factor here was and remains our dependable and long-standing cooperation with our partners (from left to right Klaus Kleinsteuber, Annette Bezold and Dr. René Scharn).

The driving force for our long-term success rests on the innovation and reliability of our technical solutions. As a customer, you can always trust AWM AG to deliver technically and economically advantageous solutions that meet your requirements.

Arnstädter Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau AG is a medium-sized, internationally active and owner-operated manufacturer of molds and machinery. We support our customers in achieving higher productivity and quality with our innovative products and dependable solutions.

And that is reflected in our mission:
"Innovation is our product.
Reliability is our strength."


Data and facts

Founded in 1965, 145 em­plo­yees, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, legal form: pub­lic li­mi­ted com­pany, 4.000 m² of pro­duc­tion area

Share capital 500,000 euros
Performance 17.2 million euros (2017)
Sales 20.1 million euros (2017)
Equity ratio >70%
Certified since 1998, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Certificate no.: 01 100 83017


We are state-of-the-art not only tech­no­logi­cally, but also in orga­niza­tional terms. Arnstädter Werk­zeug- und Ma­schi­nen­bau AG is divided into two profit centers (busi­ness areas) and one cost center (admin­is­tra­tion). These areas are in­de­pen­dent of one another and market them­selves in­di­vi­du­ally. When­ever it is ad­van­ta­geous, we seek to com­bine the com­pe­ten­ces of the two business areas on the market. As an inter­nal ser­vice pro­vider, the admin­is­tra­tion sec­tion offers the full spec­trum of a modern business service.

Company history
AWM AG in the
course of time.
  • 1850: Arnshall industrial park (saline, machine factory, ball bearing factory)
  • 1956: VEB Technisches Kombinat Arnshall (absorbers for refrigerators) including toolmaking
  • 1965: Founding of Ingenieurbüro für Mechani­sierung Gotha, BT Rudis­leben (Mego) as a spin-off of TKA GDR period - ra­ti­onali­zation com­pany of the district-led industry; per­for­mance of Mego: 60% sheet metal tools, 20% plastic tools, 20% special purpose machines
  • 1990: Separation from the combine and founding of AWM GmbH under the direction of the trust
  • 1991: Privatization by 3 shareholders
  • 1996: Shareholders now belong to only two family lines
  • 2002: Change of legal status to a public limited company
  • 2010: Establishment of the 2 profit centers: toolmaking and special purpose machines
  • 2014: Complete renovation of the administration building
  • 2016: Construction of employee parking lot (4000m²)
  • 2017: Start of construction of new production hall (2700m²)
  • 2018: The 2nd generation - Annette Bezold and Dr. Rene Scharn become board members
  • 09/2018: Completion of the new production hall / doubling of the production area for both areas

Site and location

Innovation is our product. Reliability is our strength.

Arnstädter Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau AG is located in the Erfurter Kreuz industrial park in Arnstadt. This location is close to Erfurt, the regional capital of Thuringia. Excellent transport connections via the A4 and A71 motorways, a high-speed rail link and the Erfurt-Weimar airport offer superb logistical options.